There was a painter that could change reality with his art. Stories from his paintings became reality and his scupltures came to life. One day he went missing. You go in to find out what happened to him, but the door behind you is closing. The only solution is to uncover the mystery of the painter and get out along the way.

Your dream trip to african safari turns into a nightmare. You were supouse to spend unforgetable holidays with your friends. You were flying over an african jungle when suddenly turbulence hits your plane. The airplane lost its engine. Plane is forced into emergency landing, you lose consciousness. You wake up in humid jungle. After a while you find out that you are trapped in abandoned campsite and the only exit is closed. You need to escape before indigenous accused of cannibalism get interested in smoke rising above the trees. You have 60 minutes to run away

You are on a trip in Egypt. You got bored sightseeing so you decide to leave your group to look for the tomb of Tutankhamun. You have heard some urban legend about the treasure hidden in the tomb. You got so excited that you don‘t pay attention to any warrnings. Even the inscription carved on the door threatening death to ones disturbing the eternal sleep of the king doesn’t discourage you. Its getting darker. Time passes by. You got 60 minutes to avoid The Curse of Tutankhamun

The French royal family disappears without a trace. No one knows what might have happened to the king. Lord Destre takes the throne by force. The French, confused and uncertain, take to the streets. Protests against Destre’s coronation continue and the people demand an explanation. People say terrifying sounds are heard near the palace every […]

Rumor has it that there is a crypt at the “Old Powązki” cemetery where a vampire is buried. You don’t believe such nonsense. On a bet, you find that crypt and get inside to dispel this rumor. When the door behind you is closing you realize all of it was true after all. Can you escape before the vampire finds out that his abode is revealed?