Escape Room

The growing popularity of escape room games is due to the excitement these games unleash in participants and of all ages. They allow you to break away from reality and experience a few moments in a completely different world as characters of amazing stories. Here you get into the middle of extraordinary events, and your only weapon is perceptiveness.

The origins of escape room games

It all started in the 1980s with computer text games, in which players influenced further gameplay by typing in text commands. In this way they solved puzzles, decided the fate of the characters, gave the gameplay a proper course. At the same time, games greatly developed the imagination and aroused the desire for adventure.

(R)evolution of games

From this genre evolved over time a new type of games commonly called “escape room” with a very characteristic “point and click” solution – it consisted of clicking the mouse on objects in the room. Participants thus collected equipment that could help solve puzzles and ultimately free themselves from the locked room. As a rule, they were “trapped” in a room, a house, a factory or a castle. A huge role was played at this stage by appearance. The graphics were developed and given an interesting atmosphere – often resembling an old, abandoned factory, etc.

The participant, in order to get out, had to collect clues and solve successive puzzles that led him to find the code or key to the main exit. Recipients loved this type of gameplay, where the main thing that mattered was cleverness, the ability to combine facts, and… there’s no denying patience. Searching all potential hiding places was highly engaging, but sometimes also annoying – because there were situations when clues appeared in places where there were none before only after finding an item or unlocking a particular level.

Escape room games in reality

The immense popularity of computer escape room games made people wonder whether to move such entertainment to the real world. In this way the experience would be even greater, while the preparation of a puzzle room was possible for almost everyone. Initially, the fashion for such real escape rooms appeared in Asia and became popular there, to penetrate over time to Europe. Here it settled for good and now you can enjoy this unusual entertainment in our Warsaw escape room in one of several themed puzzle rooms.

The key to success!

Initially there was an engaging storyline, then interesting graphics were added – computer escape room games provided strong impressions at the peak of their development and met the high expectations of players. In order to interest participants in the real world in such a form of entertainment, it was necessary to prepare an interesting story and take care of the appropriate decor of the puzzle room. That is why in our Warsaw escape room we took care to create an interesting background for the game.

The puzzle rooms “Catacombs,” “Vampire Crypt,” “Changing Reality,” “Curse of Tutankhamun,” and “Castaways in the Jungle” are five different stories that allow participants to get more into their roles. The stories have hints of action adventure, horror or detective fiction, and how the plot unfolds is up to the participants – it is the interactive nature of the gameplay that makes the puzzle rooms so popular.

For whom and when?

A visit to our Warsaw escape room is a suggestion for:

  • company integration,
  • hen or stag party,
  • birthday party,
  • lack of plans for the afternoon.

Very often the puzzle rooms are booked with us by companies that want to provide an entertainment and integration element of the event in this way. Acting in a group allows all participants in the game to get to know each other better, and the game clearly has a team-building character. We are also eagerly visited by groups for whom playing in the escape room is a prelude to a further plan for a bachelor or bachelorette party. We guarantee great fun and lots of fun, which will put you in a positive mood for the rest of the attraction. Groups of friends who are looking for a way to spend an interesting time together are also happy to drop by.

It’s worth visiting an escape room at least once to see why this entertainment is gaining so much popularity. Many people who visit us during company events or come persuaded by friends, come back to us. The thrill is simply addictive! Once you try it once, you will want more, because:

  • with us you solve a variety of logic puzzles,
  • in the puzzle rooms you will find secret hiding places,
  • during the escape room game you enter another world,
  • you will spend time together on puzzles,
  • with us you can simply have a great time.

Whether you are looking for an original attraction for a corporate event, or you want to spend an exciting evening with friends – our Warsaw riddle rooms will certainly be the answer to your expectations. Turn on your creative thinking, activate your perceptiveness and take up the challenge! You have 60 minutes… time to go!